Paige Anderson Best Makeup and Hair Artist in Dallas

Makeup artist in Dallas

Though her interests were in Fashion Design, Anderson found her true love as a Professional Makeup and Hair Artist / Stylist. Anderson’s work has been featured in Time, Men”s Journal, Dapper, On Magazine and Living Magazines, and her roles behind-the-scenes on television includes Good Morning Texas, San Antonio Live, MTV 3res, the Big Rich Texas show, also the Makeup Artist and lead Stylist on The History Channels: Lee Harvey Oswald, Forty Eight Hours to Live.

With a meticulous attention to detail, distinct style and electric personality that has gained her a loyal following, Anderson is not just an Artist, but also an Educator. When she is not on the set of a photo or film shoot, she is often spotted in various classrooms and seminars, making demonstrations and helping to train and motivate the next generation of Make-Up Artists and Stylists.

“I have a passion for art, color, and creativity. I love the challenge that being a Make-Up Artist and Stylist brings. It’s taking the canvas that is the human face and creating art and accentuating their natural beauty,” says Anderson.

With Paige she hopes to promote her business and gain a larger client base, and has ambitions to “make every woman beautiful”.

She has established a wonderful enterprise, spreading her passion for beauty, and is set to accomplish great feats. It’s no wonder that she has garnered great success, as she believes the most important must-have is simply inner beauty.