Bridal Hair and Makeup

How Bridal Hair and Makeup Artist in Dallas can Enhance your Wedding

So, you just got engaged and now you’re torn between utter excitement and a minor breakdown from all of the new found stress that wedding planning brings and now looking for the best bridal hair and makeup artist. Right now, you’re probably reading hundreds of blogs each week trying to find the “big secret” that will make your wedding stand out from everyone else’s while being enjoyable and perfect for you.

The pressure is off, you can stop reading, white flags are flying. I’ll let you in on the little three word secret that will revolutionize your wedding experience…. Professional Makeup Artist.

Many people are under the assumption that their only option for hair stylist in Dallas and makeup artists are to use a local salon/spa near the location of your wedding.

This isn’t the case! For example, if you’re from Dallas and are traveling to your dream location for a destination wedding, take your Dallas wedding hair stylist or Dallas wedding makeup artist with you!

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Your wedding day should be a day that makes you feel like a princess.

You should feel special, cared for, and most importantly, confident in your appearance. Months of planning, researching, and magazine clipping help you to find what you feel is the perfect look for your big day. How, though, will you go about achieving that perfect look? Are makeup and hair stylist in Dallas really THAT necessary? In a word, yes. Here’s why:

One: Reality TV vs. Bride Day

I know that photography is one of the main factors in your Big Bridal Budget, and rightfully so. Your big day should be documented in the most beautiful fashion. However, what’s worse than a bad photographer? Bad makeup in photographs.

Makeup artists are trained and experienced with performing makeovers specifically for photographs.

For myself and the team of artists, our goal is for your hair and makeup to look just as beautiful on camera as it does off camera. I can’t stress enough the importance of knowing how your makeup will be reflecting in portraits. The beautiful shimmering look that looks great walking down the aisle will appear oily, or even sweaty, on camera.

Makeup artists are able to give you a natural, simple glow on and off camera that you will always cherish. For example, look at this beautiful bride! We went for a more played up eye and accented lip.

However, her overall appearance is still natural and elegant which is accurately portrayed in her bridal portraits through hair and makeup.

Two: The Whole Nine Yards

Typically, on behalf of myself and our team of hair and makeup artists, I suggest having an initial consultation with my bridal makeup clients to discuss exactly what look they’re going for on their big day.

I also suggest a trial run prior to their wedding day so that we can test colors and get a feel for the overall look. I have two reasons for this.

One: you should know how your favorite look looks on you. Jennifer Aniston looks great in a nude lip and bronzer. However, this might not appear the way you imagined on yourself. A trial run and consultation allow for both the bride and myself to figure out what will work and what won’t. We’re able to pin down the loose ends before the wedding day so that your experience is stress-free.

Second reason: My experience has qualified me to recognize certain issues that you may be having with your skin and complexion. If we catch the problem soon enough, typically around the time of a consultation or trial run, I can make suggestions for products that will minimize or solve the issue. We will also both have time to find the best makeup application method for any specific issues you may be having.

Communication is such a big part of the wedding planning experience. A consultation and trial run are a great way to communicate your ideas to your makeup artist and receive feedback. Make sure that when you arrive at your consultation, you remember to inform your artist of any allergies.

Three: Stress Level

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that you aren’t great at makeup application also. For day to day application, I trust your abilities 100%!

However, professional makeup artists are familiar with special event (wedding specifically) techniques to give you just what you’re looking for. One of the factors that can hamper your ability to properly apply your wedding day makeup is stress. So many things are going on, you’re excited, you’re nervous. Emotions are at an all-time high. This will definitely show through your makeup, especially in bridal portraits.

As I mentioned previously, don’t let a destination wedding hold you back from using your favorite Dallas wedding makeup artists or hair stylists. We’re happy to travel on any location.

We’d love to work with you for bridal portrait makeup and hair on location, trial run, and of course – your big day! Beauty loves to travel and so do we Dallas wedding hair stylists and makeup artists!

Another perk of having a hair stylist and makeup artist exclusively for your wedding is that when we travel on location, we come straight to you! Several venues provide a bridal room that allows you and your party to get ready in private, sharing the special moments of your big day!

Who wants to have their bridal hair and makeup done at a crowded salon where a kid is crying as they get their first haircut and the person next to you is venting to their stylist because they just left their husband? What a bummer!

You can tell by looking at this bride that she has had a truly stress-free wedding day experience. She’s happy, hanging out with her flower girl, and doesn’t look like she’s been running around overwhelmed and panicked all day. Oh, and her makeup looks great…. still (another perk to booking a makeup artist for your wedding day – all day wear!).

We all have those days when our makeup just genuinely looks bad, despite the fact that we did everything the same as the day before when our makeup was flawless. Don’t let this day be your wedding day! You’re budgeting for great pictures, great food, great decor, great flowers, etc. Budget for a great Bridal hair and makeup artist in Dallas too!