A Personal Wardrobe Stylist Can Bring Out The Best in You

Well, don’t be confused with the word “wardrobe”. Because usually, a wardrobe means a closet, which is made of wood and steel. In the fashion industry, the wardrobe is the collection of clothing or whole costume that include, upper garment, lower garment, undergarment, shoes, jewelry, etc. A wardrobe or fashion stylist is basically an artist who selects the best outfits such as designer clothes based on her client’s taste, appearance or look and along with that the stylist also does the hair and makeup for her client. A wardrobe stylist has the potential to bring out the best in you ( I meant fashionably).

A fashion or wardrobe stylist is considered one of the popular professionals in the fashion industry. He or she is often part of a larger creative team assembled by the client, and other members of the crew that he or she is working with to give a unique appearance with the perfect outfit and perfect hairstyle and makeup at the same time. Usually, celebrities, famous models, and high-profile personalities have personal wardrobe stylists.

A wardrobe or fashion stylist works in the following fields:


It involves styling for actors or models for commercials, live broadcasts, news channels, sitcoms, soap operas, dramas, reality shows, etc.


It involves selecting the perfect outfit and providing hairstyle and makeup for models or actors for photo shoots for the pages in fashion magazines and other media publications.

Fashion and runway shows

It involves styling for models for fashion shows and other events. Here models get to ramp walk in front of thousand of audiences by wearing newly launched designed clothes, and accessories.

Live performance

This involves styling for musicians, dancers, and other performers for concerts, award shows, or a world tour.

Celebrity styling

Yes, celebrities do have personal wardrobe stylists. It involves styling for them for attending award shows, promotion of new movies, and other special events, and also for in-house magazine publications and more.


It involves styling people for big corporate events such as seminars, annual functions, etc.

Being a stylist can be very tough sometimes, because you may get the chance of working for famous people, and sometimes they may not like your outfit combination and then you have alter the dresses as per their demand. Nevertheless, it can be fun at the same time, because you get to meet many people, and these include celebrities sometimes ( who does not want to style for a famous celebrity). However, with a little bit of hard work you need patients at the same time to be a well-known figure in the fashion industry. Additionally, you will have to be highly professional, creative, and dedicated to what you do.

Good luck if you want to be a Wardrobe Stylist.