Hiring Best Movie Makeup Artist

Consider hiring Paige Anderson based on her prior experience as a movie makeup artist.

Why Makeup Artists are considered As an Important Part of the Entertainment Industry?

It’s no secret that a makeup artist is a crucial member of an art project. As a matter of fact, makeup artists play a vital role in helping production companies to sell a story.

A movie makeup artist does everything from making an actress jaw-dropping flawless to turning an actor into a totally different person. Makeup artists can make an actor look young and old at the same time by accentuating the features with the magic of makeup and their talent of course.

Makeup artists in the entertainment industry

The entertainment industry is incomplete without the crew of makeup artists as makeup is an essential part of any project. Makeup application for a movie is not an easy job. It takes years to master the skills and successfully enter the entertainment industry to work as a makeup artist. The primary roles and responsibilities of makeup artists are to put makeup on actors and actresses. The makeup has to be appropriate for the characters they are supposed to be playing on-screen. The primary goal is to give life to the character by turning the actor into the desired character with the power of makeup.

Movie Makeup Artist
Movie Makeup Artist

Primary job titles of makeup artists in a movie set

A makeup artist does not work alone. He or she has a group of people who are assigned different responsibilities. The different job titles are-

  • Key makeup artist– The key makeup artist is in charge of applying makeup on the lead actors. He or she delegates and dictates other members in the makeup artist crew what needed to be done throughout the film shoot.
  • Makeup artist– Makeup artists entitled to this job are responsible for applying makeup to the non-lead and supporting crew of the film. These artists are to remain under the supervision of the key makeup artists.
  • Assistant makeup artist– assistant makeup artists are usually assigned with jobs like assisting the main makeup artists and with other small tasks. They have to organize makeup kits and assist the senior makeup artists in various tasks.
  • Makeup artists for special effects– Special effect makeup is usually different than the makeup actors are made to wear for movies.  This makeup type is applied to create a special effect with prosthetics and other makeup essentials. These makeup artists are responsible for creating totally different types of movie characters with special effects makeup.

Hiring a renowned makeup artist

An important project like a movie or a music video shoot requires highly experienced and skilled makeup artists to work on it. If you have a special project coming up, you could consider hiring Paige Anderson- a renowned movie makeup artist in Dallas. She is one of the most experienced makeup artists in the industry who was a part of many projects of top clients. She is not only an extremely brilliant artist, but she also has a pleasing personality. Anderson is the right artist for your project!