Best Hair and Makeup For Magazine Shoot in Dallas, TX By Paige Anderson

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An editorial or magazine cannot happen without a makeup artist. As for a magazine to be successful should be filled with models with the perfect makeup combination. A makeup artist is one of the key factors in the entire fashion industry and every magazine shoots. Therefore, a makeup artist is needed for hair and makeup for a magazine shoots.

Editorial makeup is not for daily activities. This type of makeup is generally unique and has to provide the unique look to achieve the character the photographer or art director requires. As models have to depict something usual or unusual. Only with the help of a professional and experienced makeup artist that desirable look can be achieved. To get the specific look, the photographer needs to have a detailed discussion about the look and character he wants to bring out of the model, as the makeup artist will provide that specific look with the magic of hairstyle and makeup.

The purpose of an editorial is to tell a story. Makeup as a means to enhance the desired mood to capture the feeling and continue telling the story. The different categories of editorials are:

Beauty editorial

The focus of a beauty editorial is on head and shoulders shots, and it highlights on the face mainly.It should be colorful and highly creative makeup so that when the face is highlighted can be seen as the perfect way. If an editorial is focusing on jewelry or accessories or hair products a typical makeup is needed to draw attention to jewelries.

Celebrity editorial

In celebrity editorials, high-profile celebrities are called upon to endorse a particular brand of clothing, perfume, or any other fashion-related product. Here a celebrity is showcased as the model for the magazine. Once again makeup artist plays a vital role in giving the perfect look for the perfect magazine shoot. Be it a high-profile celebrity or just a common model.

Fashion editorial

The main focus in fashion editorials is fashion, clothes which can be worn by everyone. Fashion editorials showcase the situation and products that can be worn in. Fashion is all about clothing and accessories and even makeup being in style. Makeup style for fashion editorials are usually something bold, dramatic, creative, and edgy. Even though clothing is the main focus in fashion editorial but makeup is the key factor in making the model more gracious and beautiful than ever.

Hair editorial

In hair editorial the shoot focuses on hair and hair is the main story. The hairstyles are given for a photoshoot are something like exaggerated and expanded shapes, exotic and ornamental sculptures, or polished curls. Much like makeup, great hair can really take editorial photos to a different level.

Overall, a makeup artist is one of the main factors in making an editorial magazine successful by applying flawless makeup to models and celebrities. As mentioned above, a professional makeup artist plays the role of the artist in changing the complete look of the particular model and celebrity and making him/her more fashionable, gracious, and beautiful than ever. Paige Anderson is an accomplished Hair and Makeup artist. Over the years, Paige Anderson’s career as a makeup artist has flourished working with top clients, celebrity makeup artists, TV shows, magazines, and many brides. Therefore, you can contact her and make an appointment to get the perfect hair and makeup for a magazine shoot.