Did You Know These 7 Wedding Makeup Trends of 2024

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life, and you want to look your absolute best. Apparently, wedding makeup plays a huge role in how you feel and look on this special day. Every year brings new trends and techniques to the beauty world, and 2024 is no different. Here are five wedding makeup trends you may not have heard of, but they will surely boost your confident on your big day.

The Magic of Minimalism

In the bustling city of Dallas, wedding makeup trends are turning towards minimalism, letting natural beauty shine through with a "less is more" philosophy. Gone are the days of heavy foundations and layers of powders. Wedding makeup in Dallas is now all about enhancing your features and embracing your natural beauty, leaving you with a fresh and radiant look. This trend is beautiful and practical for those hot summer weddings in Texas.

Glowing skin is always in

Healthy, glowing skin is the foundation of any makeup look. In 2024, brides are ditching the heavy contour and opting for a more natural glow. To achieve this look, invest in a good skincare routine leading up to your big day. This includes regular exfoliation, hydrating masks, and facial massages to enhance blood circulation and give you that coveted "bridal glow."

Berry Lips are the new Red

Red lips have been a classic choice for wedding makeup, but in 2024, berry shades will be making their mark. Deep and rich shades of plum, burgundy, and raspberry will add a modern twist to your bridal look. These colors work well with all skin tones and make your lips look fuller and more luscious.

Brushed-Up Fluffy Brows

Gone are the days of overly plucked and thin eyebrows. In 2024, brushed-up and fluffy brows are all the rage. This trend creates a more youthful and natural look, as well as frames your face in a flattering way. To achieve this look, use a brow gel or pomade to brush your brows upwards and fill any sparse areas.

Blush on the apple cheeks

Blush has always been a staple in wedding makeup, but 2024 is all about the placement. Rather than just on the cheekbones, brides are now applying blush to the apples of their cheeks for a fresh and youthful look. This technique adds a natural flush to your face and makes you look more radiant in photos.

Monochromatic looks are all the rage

Instead of using various eyeshadow colors, try opting for a monochromatic look. This involves using different shades and textures of the same color to create dimension in the eyes. For example, if you choose a peachy tone for your dress, you can use various shades of peach on your eyes to tie everything together.

Wet Makeup Look 

A new trend that is taking the wedding makeup world by storm is the wet makeup look. This involves using products with a glossy or shimmery finish to give your skin a dewy, fresh appearance. From liquid highlighters to glossy eyeshadows, this trend is perfect for adding some extra glamour and shine to your bridal look.

Which Makeup Trend Are You Going To Pick This Year?

There you have it: five wedding makeup trends taking over in 2024. From minimalism to monochromatic looks, these trends are about embracing natural beauty and enhancing your features. So, which trend will you choose for your big day? Will you go for the glowing skin or the berry lips? Whichever one you choose, remember that the most important thing is to feel confident and beautiful on your wedding day. So get out there, try these tricks, and rock that Dallas wedding makeup in 2024.

For any makeup or hair concerns, contact a professional wedding makeup artist in Dallas. After all, your big day must look picture-perfect from all angles!