Braiding Hair’ and Suedin’: How to Look “Hip” this Spring

So maybe you were able to guess by my subtle hints or maybe you recently tuned in to gape over the to-die-for trends shown in New York Fashion Week last month. Either way, the verdict is out!

These spring trends are on fire and let me tell you, as a hair and makeup artist, I am welcoming it with open arms! In this blog post, I’m going to introduce you to a look that I’ve noticed is really trending right now and let you in on some of my secrets – well, not so secret anymore – tips so that you can achieve this look at home.

Braids, Braids, Braids:

Okay, so I really want to take a few moments to highlight this topic. Braids are SO in right now, and really, how can you not love them? They’re super fun and have the ability to be dressed up, casual, and are even cute to just bum it around the house. How can you say no to that logic? You can’t! This season, we’re going all-in with the braiding and it’s HUGE – literally. Like frontal braids, side braids, whole heads braided right up!

As a hair and makeup artist, this is my go-to. Whether I’m working at home in Dallas or traveling on location, I continuously suggest these braids for my clients. However, when I suggest this, I get a lot of reservations as far as difficulty and hair length. I’ll let you in on a professional secret – don’t be concerned. The great thing about braids is that they don’t discriminate against hair type or length. The thinnest, tiniest braids still look awesome and add an extra flair that is really just super trendy right now with the whole “hippie” look you’re probably seeing.

Another great thing about this season is that in addition to braids, headpieces are definitely a thing right now. How great would it be to incorporate two of the hottest hair and makeup trends into one look? If you’re not catching on just yet…

Wow! What do you know? The answer we were looking for! Braids look awesome with headpieces like the one pictured above. I created a very soft, loose side braid and jazzed it up with gold, feathered, really “earthy” headpiece that tied the whole look together. This is a great look if you’re wanting to spruce up your ‘do to hit the town or for a more classy event.

Tips for YOU:

1. The looser, the better. You may not hear that in a context very often, but for braids, it definitely applies. The idea behind the look is casual, Bohemian, and very ‘earthy.’ Tight braids give a more put-together look, which is also great, but if you can let loose and wear your braids a little less put together, you’ll really appreciate the change.

2. Skip a wash. Especially for those with fine, thin hair – try your braided look on the second day without a shampoo. Braiding yourself can be tricky if your hair is loose and not holding texture. You won’t be able to maintain the “loose look” with freshly washed hair as well as you would if you skip a day in between shampoos. If you have oily hair and just HAVE to shampoo daily, try out a texturizing spray that will help give some stick to your ‘do.

3. Perfection-not. As a hair and makeup artist, I know the pain of being a perfectionist. However, take a step back and realize that part of this look is that it’s a little messy. That’s what fashionistas and hair/makeup stylists alike love about it!

4. Tease It. If you’re noticing that your braids are showing bald spots in between the loops, try teasing the strands a little with a fine-tooth comb or teasing brush. Notice – I said a LITTLE. Very light. Not that much. Did ya’ get that? This will allow your hair to appear fuller so that the empty spots in your braid are less noticeable. Your hair will also be more willing to cooperate with the technique you’re using.

Awesome! So you have some new tips and tricks to try at home. I’d love to see how your new braids are treating you and if you’re ever in the Dallas, TX area (or anywhere else, for that matter) and in need of some braided magic from a super talented hair and makeup artist, I’d love to meet with you. Send in those braids and stay tuned for other tips and tricks to help you stay in the know for all your hair and makeup needs.