Top Hair and Makeup Trends for Prom in 2019

prom nightPlanning your hair and makeup for prom can be really exciting, but sometimes it can be tricky to know what’s on trend for the year, and which of those trends will suit your own unique style. When you start to look back over trends for prom, it’s surprising to see just how dramatically our approach to this lovely occasion has changed.


This year you won’t see any 80s inspired perms, or black khol from the ‘90s, but there are some truly striking hair and makeup trends for prom in 2019…

Metallic Eyes

Metallics are big in prom fashion for this year, so it’s only natural that metallics have crept into the prom makeup trends too. Adding that extra luxury feel without becoming over the top, metallic colours on the eyes provide the perfect way to upgrade your makeup for this special occasion.

Think warm tones of copper and gold over silvers, with all-over colour building to become stronger and richer towards the outer corners of the eyes and the crease. Finish off with lashings of mascara, and a touch of white shimmer to the inner corners.

Dewy Skin

A light and natural contour is perfect for prom, with lots of highlighter to create a healthy glow. Prep is key here, ensuring the skin is well moisturised and primed to create the perfect base. Keep concealer and foundation to a minimum to achieve a natural look, creating depth using a dark and light contour.

To finish the look, lots of highlighter should be added and blended along the cheek bones, brow bone and down the centre of the nose. Lips should be kept natural with a touch of balm, which can also be patted lightly on the eyelids to enhance the look further.

Braided Updo

Bohemian style is huge this year, which is also reflected in this years must-have hairstyle for prom. This look can be interpreted in a number of ways, from half up half down braided styles, to a single French braid with a few strands teased out, and large braids twisted into a loose bun with a few strands left out to frame the face.

Low ‘Undone’ Chignon

Prom hair is all about laidback and pretty styles this season, making the low ‘undone’ chignon the perfect style. Perfectly complimenting free flowing maxi dresses and pretty midi dresses, this style involves sweeping the hair back and securing it at the nape of the neck, twisting into a stylish and sophisticated chignon. The ‘undone’ look is created by leaving a few stands free from the chignon, and teasing a few stands out around the face.

Creating your own prom hair and makeup can be tricky, which is why I’m always here to help. From creating a look that’s perfect for your own unique style while suiting current trends, to providing hints and tips to help you maintain your look for the duration of the night, as an MUA that’s experienced in creating prom looks, I can help you look and feel a million dollars.

Insider Secrets from Behind the Brush

Ever wondered just how makeup artists get their models looking flawless and blemish-free in editorial onset photoshoots? With years of training and on-the-job experience, the beauty in-crowd have perfected the art of applying impeccable, flawless makeup that lasts for hours on end. So just what's their secret? Top Dallas hair and makeup artist, Paige Anderson, shares her secrets for guaranteeing professional-looking makeup – no experience required.


1. It all begins with skincare

"An artist creates the best quality work when working on a good blank canvas," says Paige. Makeup really does look best on skin that is well cared for and healthy. So how can you get your skin glowing naturally for your makeup to look its best?

A good skincare routine is essential, i.e. cleansing, toning and moisturizing your skin religiously. But equally important are your lifestyle choices – your diet, exercise habits, sleep patterns and stress levels. All of these factors play a huge part in the overall health of your skin. "And don't forget your vitamins," adds Paige. "I love Biotin. It's often called the 'beauty vitamin' as it enhances the health of your skin, hair and nails."

If you can, treat yourself to a facial at a high quality salon as often as possible. Regular exfoliation and deep cleansing can do wonders to brighten up your skin tone and clear away any blemishes and pigmentation problems. Just remember to avoid wearing makeup right after you've had any intensive treatments done such as pore extractions, laser treatments or chemical peels. And, of course, stay out of the sun wherever possible and always cover up with sunscreen of at least SPF30.

PAIGE'S TOP TIP: "Water, water, water – the easiest beauty hack there is. Aim for at least eight glasses of pure water ever day. You may have heard it a thousand times, but that's because it works. Water helps flush out impurities from the skin plus, if you're bloated or retaining fluid, water balances out your H2O levels."


2. Get glowing

There's nothing quite as eye-catching and sexy as golden, sun-kissed skin. "Whenever I am onset at an editorial photoshoot or television liveshoot, the first thing I notice on a model is a healthy, glowing complexion," says Paige. "Trust me – if you're having pictures taken at an event, the photographer will certainly appreciate the natural sparkle your glowing skin brings to his pictures."

But a golden tan needn't come with spending hours in the sun. A much quicker and far healthier choice is getting your tan from a bottle. With so many great quality self-tan bronzing products on the market, no-one will be any the wiser. If you're going the DIY route, be sure to follow the instructions on the bottle very carefully. Ideally, you should build your tan up slowly over a few months for the most natural results. If you're new to self-tan, start out by mixing half-bronzer with half-body lotion to ease into the effects of the new color.

PAIGE'S TOP TIP: "If, by accident, you've overdone it with the bronzer, all is not lost. Streaks and dark splotches can be remedied by gently scrubbing your skin in a warm shower with a loofah soaked in fresh lemon juice. Remember to follow this up with a rich moisturizing body lotion to keep your skin soft and supple."


3. Tools of the trade

No makeup artist worth her salt would ever be caught dead without her arsenal of makeup brushes. You could have the world's most expensive beauty products but apply them using shoddy brushes, and the effect would be mediocre at best. For those days when you don't have your very own makeup artist on hand, these are the eight brushes that should make up your basic beauty kit:

1. Foundation brush

Applying foundation with this brush will give you all-over coverage and a flawless, smooth finish.

2. Concealer brush

The bristles of this narrow brush are firm and tapered at the edges so you can concentrate your concealer on one specific area.

3. Powder brush

Big and fluffy, the bristles of the powder brush are fine and dense - perfect for applying and blending powder all over the face.

4. Blush brush

The bristles are tapered into a rounded, full shape, ideal for highlighting your cheeks with blush.

5. Eye blending brush

As the name suggests, this one's great for blending and shading in eye products to soften harsh lines and achieve a perfectly blended eye.

6. Flat eyeshadow brush

The bristles are short and stubby, making it easier to smudge your eye shadow for more precise work.

7. Precision angled brush

This one services the entire eye area – eyes, brows and lashes. The angled bristles are ideal for perfectly applying all types of product into the creases of the eye.

8. Lip brush

Ever wondered how celebrities get that full signature pout? Simple - a lip brush. It offers you great definition for flawless, smudge-proof application.
PAIGE'S TOP TIP: "The way you hold the brush affects the amount of control you have over it. Hold the brush right on the silver barrel under the bristles, for example, and you'll exert more pressure, which means more of the product will end up on your skin. I'd recommend a steady but gentle grip on the brush so you apply the color gradually. You can always add more product if you need more coverage."


4. Stay prepared

Every makeup artist knows that accidents are inevitable. But a smudge here or a stain there needn't be a disaster if you come prepared. Paige offers up some of her top tips for dealing with some common makeup mishaps:

- Got a lipstick stain on your clothing by accident? That's what a travel-sized bottle of hairspray is for. Just spray the stain directly with hairspray and let it soak in for a couple of minutes. Wipe the spray away and watch the lipstick disappear with it. Another great use for hairspray? It will dry your nail polish super fast. Just remember to hold the aerosol can about one foot away from your nails.

- Another must-have product to keep in your purse is a bottle of eye drops. We know it as a quick remedy for red, tired eyes but those same ingredients that cause the blood vessels in your eyes to constrict actually do the same for your complexion. If you have a pesky pimple or redness on your face, apply a few eye drops to a cotton swab and dab onto the inflamed area. The redness will go away in a flash.

- Other essentials to keep on hand – eye-makeup remover pads to fix any smudges around your eyes. Blotting paper is another essential. They're great for removing shine on your face as opposed to powder which can look caked-on and actually make you look older than you really are.

PAIGE'S TOP TIP: "You know best what products work for your skin type and lifestyle. Check at your beauty counter if those products come in smaller travel sizes. These are great to carry with you in your handbag so you're always prepared for any beauty touch-ups."


And what not to do:

For all the great advice she's given us though, as a Dallas hair and makeup artist, Paige has seen her fair share of makeup don'ts. Are you guilty of any of these beauty blunders?

- The cardinal rule of skincare but also the one most commonly broken – going to sleep with your makeup on. The damage this causes has far-reaching effects. For starters, it completely undoes all the good that a regular skincare routine may have done. Essentially, your skin becomes more prone to breakouts as bacteria has built up in the pores. Ideally, you want to thoroughly cleanse your skin before bed. If you're really tired though, a pack of face wipes on your bedside table will do the trick too.

- An often overlooked step when women apply their makeup themselves is remembering to apply moisturizer before foundation. A good face cream before makeup keeps the skin even and supple, so makeup goes on smoothly without any blotchy areas. Ideally, look for a moisturizer with a high SPF to amp up your sun protection.

- Here's one many of us do without even realizing it - blowing powder off our makeup brushes. What's so bad about that? This may get surplus product off the bristles, but you're also spreading bacteria from your mouth to the brush. And as this bacteria builds up, it can spread from the brush to the pores on your face resulting in acne breakouts. To remove excess powder, rather tap the brush lightly against the bathroom sink.


For more insider beauty tips and tricks, be sure to log on regularly to

Braidin’ and Suedin’: How to Look “Hip” this Spring

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So maybe you were able to guess by my subtle hints or maybe you recently tuned in to gape over the to-die-for trends shown in New York Fashion Week last month. Either way, the verdict is out! These spring trends are on fire and let me tell you, as a hair and makeup artist, I am welcoming it with open arms! In this blog post, I’m going to introduce you to a look that I’ve noticed is really trending right now and let you in on some of my secret – well, not so secret anymore – tips so that you can achieve this look at home.


Braids, Braids, Braids:

Okay, so I really want to take a few moments to highlight on this topic. Braids are SO in right now, and really, how can you not love them? They’re super fun and have the ability to be dressed up, casual, and are even cute to just bum it around the house. How can you say no to that logic?! You can’t! This season, we’re going all in with the braiding and it’s HUGE – literally. Like frontal braids, side braids, whole heads braided right up!

As a hair and makeup artist, this is my go-to. Whether I’m working at home in Dallas or traveling on location, I continuously suggest these braids for my clients. However, when I suggest this, I get a lot of reservations as far as difficulty and hair length. I’ll let you in on a professional secret – don’t be concerned. The great thing about braids is that they don’t discriminate against hair type or length. The thinnest, tiniest braids still look awesome and add an extra flair that is really just super trendy right now with the whole “hippie” look you’re probably seeing.

braids hiar style by paige anderson

My favorite braids right now are the ones that are extended like you see here. This braid was easy to do, didn’t require a lot of product, and made for a really stress-free shoot which are all things that hair and makeup artists rarely see but love when we find! I’m going to add in a tutorial that I’ve found that gives you step by step instructions on how to achieve a look similar to the one I’ve created in this picture.

Another great thing about this season is that in addition to braids, head pieces are definitely a thing right now. How great would it be to incorporate two of the hottest hair and makeup trends into one look? If you’re not catching on just yet……

hottest hair and makeup trends into one look

Wow! What do you know? The answer we were looking for! Braids look awesome with headpieces like the one pictured above. I created a very soft, loose side braid and jazzed it up with a gold, feathered, really “earthy” headpiece that tied the whole look together. This is a great look if you’re wanting to spruce up your ‘do to hit the town or for a more classy event.

Tips for YOU:
1. The looser, the better. You may not here that in context very often, but for braids, it definitely applies. The idea behind the look is casual, Bohemian, and very ‘earthy.’ Tight braids give a more put together look, which is also great, but if you can let loose and wear your braids a little less put together, you’ll really appreciate the change.

2. Skip a wash. Especially for those with fine, thin hair – try your braided look on the second day without shampoo. Braiding yourself can be tricky if your hair is loose and not holding texture. You won’t be able to maintain the “loose look” with freshly washed hair as well as you would if you skip a day in between shampoos. If you have oily hair and just HAVE to shampoo daily, try out a texturizing spray that will help give some stick to your ‘do.

3. Perfection-not. As a hair and makeup artist, I know the pain of being a perfectionist. However, take a step back and realize that part of this look is that it’s a little messy. That’s what fashionistas and hair/makeup stylists alike love about it!

4. Tease It. If you’re noticing that your braids are showing bald spots in between the loops, try teasing the strands a little with a fine tooth comb or teasing brush. Notice – I said a LITTLE. Very light. Not that much. Did ya’ get that? This will allow your hair to appear fuller so that the empty spots in your braid are less noticeable. Your hair will also be more willing to cooperate with the technique you’re using.

Awesome! So you have some new tips and tricks to try at home. I’d love to see how your new braids are treating you and if you’re ever in the Dallas, TX area (or anywhere else, for that matter) and in need of some braided magic from a super talented hair and makeup artist, I’d love to meet with you. Send in those braids and stay tuned for other tips and tricks to help you stay in the know for all your hair and makeup needs.[/fusion_text][/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

5 Secrets from a Dallas Makeup Artist to Solve Your Winter Beauty Problems

5 Secrets from a Dallas Makeup Artist to Solve Your Winter Beauty Problems

Winter brings some beautiful things, like snowflakes, ice skating, and warm cuddles by the fire. While all that can be great, looking in the mirror and seeing flaky, dull skin on a head of hat-hair staring back at you is definitely not great. Cold, dry winters can do some serious damage to our hair, skin, and makeup. But don’t worry: through my years in the makeup and hair industry, I’ve learned a few secrets that I’ll share with you today.

Split Ends

The dreaded split ends. Unless you have super-human durable hair, you’ll probably have to deal with these at some point, especially during the dry, cold winter months. My favorite solution?

Coconut Oil.

Yes, seriously, coconut oil. By now you’ve probably heard about its health benefits from your organic friend, but coconut oil is an awesome beauty multitasker. For split ends, simply rub a dime-sized amount of unrefined coconut oil into wet hair. Try wearing a braid and letting your hair air-dry that day so it can soak up the maximum amount of oil.

Want an even more intense treatment? Try an overnight coconut oil hair mask. Simply massage the oil from root to tip, making sure to cover the hair evenly. Throw on a cute turban, shampoo the next morning, and voila! Silky, hydrated hair.

Dry Skin

A common misconception I hear from my clients is that they have “dry skin”. When I ask them what products they use, they usually list of an arsenal of oil-heavy creams, lotions, and moisturizers. But what they don’t know is that their skin is actually dehydrated.

When you’re thirsty, do you drink oil? No, obviously, you drink water. So if this winter makes your skin feel patchy and tight, and oil-based products just aren’t doing the trick, look for products that will actually hydrate your skin.

I personally love sheet masking at night to re-hydrate, then wearing an oil-based moisturizer in the morning. When buying a sheet mask, don’t look for “moisturizing” or or ones with “oil” in the title, look for “water replenishment” or “hydrating”. You’ll be glowing in no time!

Patchy Makeup

For most of us, the cold air doesn’t just mess with our hair and skin: it can totally mess up our makeup game, too. If you find that any part of your face is flaking, make sure that you’re using a winter-specific primer.

A primer is like a barrier between your skin and your makeup. It allows your skincare routine to work effectively, protect your skin from the outside environment, and provides a smooth, clean base for your makeup to lay on. Because most primers have silicone or dimethicone bases, we may think they feel “heavy” in the summer—but by the time winter rolls around, our face could really use that extra cushion.

Look for primers that have “hydrating”, “smoothing”, and “anti-aging” benefits. These will work best for the dry skin that’s causing your makeup to look flaky and patchy. When you test them out, look for “slip”: that’s an industry word for how smoothly a primer feels on your hand. The more slip, the more it’ll protect your makeup from patchy grossness.

Thanks for reading! Stay beautiful.