Did You Know These 7 Wedding Makeup Trends of 2024

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life, and you want to look your absolute best. Apparently, wedding makeup plays a huge role in how you feel and look on this special day. Every year brings new trends and techniques to the beauty world, and 2024 is no different. Here are five wedding makeup trends you may not have heard of, but they will surely boost your confident on your big day.

The Magic of Minimalism

In the bustling city of Dallas, wedding makeup trends are turning towards minimalism, letting natural beauty shine through with a "less is more" philosophy. Gone are the days of heavy foundations and layers of powders. Wedding makeup in Dallas is now all about enhancing your features and embracing your natural beauty, leaving you with a fresh and radiant look. This trend is beautiful and practical for those hot summer weddings in Texas.

Glowing skin is always in

Healthy, glowing skin is the foundation of any makeup look. In 2024, brides are ditching the heavy contour and opting for a more natural glow. To achieve this look, invest in a good skincare routine leading up to your big day. This includes regular exfoliation, hydrating masks, and facial massages to enhance blood circulation and give you that coveted "bridal glow."

Berry Lips are the new Red

Red lips have been a classic choice for wedding makeup, but in 2024, berry shades will be making their mark. Deep and rich shades of plum, burgundy, and raspberry will add a modern twist to your bridal look. These colors work well with all skin tones and make your lips look fuller and more luscious.

Brushed-Up Fluffy Brows

Gone are the days of overly plucked and thin eyebrows. In 2024, brushed-up and fluffy brows are all the rage. This trend creates a more youthful and natural look, as well as frames your face in a flattering way. To achieve this look, use a brow gel or pomade to brush your brows upwards and fill any sparse areas.

Blush on the apple cheeks

Blush has always been a staple in wedding makeup, but 2024 is all about the placement. Rather than just on the cheekbones, brides are now applying blush to the apples of their cheeks for a fresh and youthful look. This technique adds a natural flush to your face and makes you look more radiant in photos.

Monochromatic looks are all the rage

Instead of using various eyeshadow colors, try opting for a monochromatic look. This involves using different shades and textures of the same color to create dimension in the eyes. For example, if you choose a peachy tone for your dress, you can use various shades of peach on your eyes to tie everything together.

Wet Makeup Look 

A new trend that is taking the wedding makeup world by storm is the wet makeup look. This involves using products with a glossy or shimmery finish to give your skin a dewy, fresh appearance. From liquid highlighters to glossy eyeshadows, this trend is perfect for adding some extra glamour and shine to your bridal look.

Which Makeup Trend Are You Going To Pick This Year?

There you have it: five wedding makeup trends taking over in 2024. From minimalism to monochromatic looks, these trends are about embracing natural beauty and enhancing your features. So, which trend will you choose for your big day? Will you go for the glowing skin or the berry lips? Whichever one you choose, remember that the most important thing is to feel confident and beautiful on your wedding day. So get out there, try these tricks, and rock that Dallas wedding makeup in 2024.

For any makeup or hair concerns, contact a professional wedding makeup artist in Dallas. After all, your big day must look picture-perfect from all angles!

8 Things A Makeup Artist Will Never Tell You

Hiring a makeup artist for the first time? Wondering what secrets they are keeping from you? Makeup artists are highly skilled professionals who can enhance your natural beauty and make you feel confident and glamorous for any occasion. Whether for a wedding, photoshoot or just a fun night out, a makeup artist can transform your look with their expertise and knowledge of different techniques and products.

But there are some things that a makeup artist will never tell you. These secrets are not meant to be hidden but to make their process easier and ensure you get the best results. So before you sit down in the makeup chair, here are some things a makeup artist might not tell you:

Your Face Shape Matters

Yes, it's true. Before any makeup application, your face shape is considered to determine the best techniques and products to use for a flawless look. Don't be afraid to ask about this during your consultation so you can learn more about how your unique face shape can benefit from specific makeup techniques.

The Importance of Skincare

A skilled makeup artist knows that skincare is as important as makeup when achieving a flawless look. They may not tell you, but they are paying close attention to your skin's condition and will recommend products or treatments that will help improve your skin's texture and appearance. So don't be surprised if they suggest a facial or a certain moisturizer to use before your makeup application.

Trust the Process

As much as you may know exactly how you want your makeup done, it's important to trust the process and let the makeup artist work their magic. They are professionals and know what will look best on you based on your features and desired look. So try not to micromanage the application process and let them do what they do best.

Communication is Key

Communication between you and your makeup artist is key to achieving your desired look. Don't be afraid to speak up if there's something you don't like or want to change. They want you to feel confident and happy with the result, so don't hesitate to voice any concerns or preferences.

Not All Products Work for Everyone

A makeup artist may have their go-to products that work wonders for them, but they may work differently for some. We all have different skin types and preferences regarding makeup, so feel free to speak up if a certain product is not working for you. They can always make adjustments and find alternatives to ensure flawless makeup.

Timing Can Impact Your Look

You may have a particular time set for your makeup session, but a seasoned Dallas makeup artist understands the significance of time and natural lighting on your final look. The time of day your event takes place can dictate whether a softer or more dramatic look is suitable. Remember to share your event's schedule to allow for strategic planning of your makeup style.

Less Can Be More

In glamour and beauty, sometimes makeup artists won't tell you that less is often more. Especially true for high-definition photography and film, a makeup artist may opt for a minimalistic approach to avoid a heavy or cakey appearance. Trust their judgment; they know how to accentuate your best features without overdoing it.

Your Personal Makeup Collection Matters

A Professional makeup artist won't divulge this often, but they appreciate it when clients come in with their makeup kit. Not only does this provide insight into your preferences and what products your skin is accustomed to, but it can also serve as a backup if you have specific allergies or product sensitivities that you may not have disclosed.

Plus, who doesn't love trying out new makeup products?

Hiring a makeup artist is not just about getting your makeup done. It's also about building a relationship of trust and communication to achieve the best results for your desired look. So next time you sit in the makeup chair, keep these secrets in mind and have fun creating your perfect glam look with a skilled Dallas makeup artist, Paige Anderson. Feel more confident and beautiful on your special day.

Corporate Event Hair And Makeup In Dallas

Who does not want to look bold and beautiful? Choosing a perfect dress (comfortable of course) with the right hair and makeup combination is a part of our beauty regime to attend special events. Not everyone is good or fond of doing their own makeup for big and special occasions such as wedding, prom, TV interview, shooting, corporate events, party etc. That’s why we usually hire a professional makeup artist doing our corporate event hair and makeup, wedding makeup, prom makeup etc.

Wearing the perfect makeup with the perfect hairstyle along with a lovely dress, makes a girl or women more gracious and confident. Suppose if you are to attend a big event or live interview, you would not want to face a huge mass of people with a dull makeup and a boring dress. Inner beauty and outer beauty brings out the self confidence in you, this is the fact.

This particular blog will be discussing about corporate event hair and makeup. The most common types of corporate events are:

1) Seminars and Conferences
2) Trade Shows
3) Golf Events
4) Appreciation Events
5) Company or Organizations milestones
6) Product Launch Events etc.

You spend months preparing for the big event, from the dress to dinner reservations, and after the party. In order to attend such big and important events, you obviously would want to look beautiful and if you are to deliver a speech, then you must bring out the courage and confidence in you. And looking good plays an important role in bringing out confidence and be bold about facing almost everything and everyone. In order to achieve a corporate look you will have to look gracious, beautiful and smart at the same time.

Corporate Event Hair And Makeup In Dallas

Paige Anderson and her team offer makeup services for such corporate events and other special events such as, wedding, prom night, bridal showers, bachelorette party etc. Anderson also provide makeup services for top clients, editorials, and TV shows. With her dedication and creativity she can create a look for you to enhance your style for any events. Anderson and her team will make sure your look is complemented perfectly and most importantly, your hair and makeup to last throughout the whole event.

Bridal Hair and Makeup

How Bridal Hair and Makeup Artist in Dallas can Enhance your Wedding

So, you just got engaged and now you’re torn between utter excitement and a minor breakdown from all of the new found stress that wedding planning brings and now looking for the best bridal hair and makeup artist. Right now, you’re probably reading hundreds of blogs each week trying to find the “big secret” that will make your wedding stand out from everyone else’s while being enjoyable and perfect for you.

The pressure is off, you can stop reading, white flags are flying. I’ll let you in on the little three word secret that will revolutionize your wedding experience…. Professional Makeup Artist.

Many people are under the assumption that their only option for hair stylist in Dallas and makeup artists are to use a local salon/spa near the location of your wedding.

This isn’t the case! For example, if you’re from Dallas and are traveling to your dream location for a destination wedding, take your Dallas wedding hair stylist or Dallas wedding makeup artist with you!

Check out my Hair and Makeup Work Portfolio

Your wedding day should be a day that makes you feel like a princess.

You should feel special, cared for, and most importantly, confident in your appearance. Months of planning, researching, and magazine clipping help you to find what you feel is the perfect look for your big day. How, though, will you go about achieving that perfect look? Are makeup and hair stylist in Dallas really THAT necessary? In a word, yes. Here’s why:

One: Reality TV vs. Bride Day

I know that photography is one of the main factors in your Big Bridal Budget, and rightfully so. Your big day should be documented in the most beautiful fashion. However, what’s worse than a bad photographer? Bad makeup in photographs.

Makeup artists are trained and experienced with performing makeovers specifically for photographs.

For myself and the team of artists, our goal is for your hair and makeup to look just as beautiful on camera as it does off camera. I can’t stress enough the importance of knowing how your makeup will be reflecting in portraits. The beautiful shimmering look that looks great walking down the aisle will appear oily, or even sweaty, on camera.

Makeup artists are able to give you a natural, simple glow on and off camera that you will always cherish. For example, look at this beautiful bride! We went for a more played up eye and accented lip.

However, her overall appearance is still natural and elegant which is accurately portrayed in her bridal portraits through hair and makeup.

Two: The Whole Nine Yards

Typically, on behalf of myself and our team of hair and makeup artists, I suggest having an initial consultation with my bridal makeup clients to discuss exactly what look they’re going for on their big day.

I also suggest a trial run prior to their wedding day so that we can test colors and get a feel for the overall look. I have two reasons for this.

One: you should know how your favorite look looks on you. Jennifer Aniston looks great in a nude lip and bronzer. However, this might not appear the way you imagined on yourself. A trial run and consultation allow for both the bride and myself to figure out what will work and what won’t. We’re able to pin down the loose ends before the wedding day so that your experience is stress-free.

Second reason: My experience has qualified me to recognize certain issues that you may be having with your skin and complexion. If we catch the problem soon enough, typically around the time of a consultation or trial run, I can make suggestions for products that will minimize or solve the issue. We will also both have time to find the best makeup application method for any specific issues you may be having.

Communication is such a big part of the wedding planning experience. A consultation and trial run are a great way to communicate your ideas to your makeup artist and receive feedback. Make sure that when you arrive at your consultation, you remember to inform your artist of any allergies.

Three: Stress Level

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that you aren’t great at makeup application also. For day to day application, I trust your abilities 100%!

However, professional makeup artists are familiar with special event (wedding specifically) techniques to give you just what you’re looking for. One of the factors that can hamper your ability to properly apply your wedding day makeup is stress. So many things are going on, you’re excited, you’re nervous. Emotions are at an all-time high. This will definitely show through your makeup, especially in bridal portraits.

As I mentioned previously, don’t let a destination wedding hold you back from using your favorite Dallas wedding makeup artists or hair stylists. We’re happy to travel on any location.

We’d love to work with you for bridal portrait makeup and hair on location, trial run, and of course – your big day! Beauty loves to travel and so do we Dallas wedding hair stylists and makeup artists!

Another perk of having a hair stylist and makeup artist exclusively for your wedding is that when we travel on location, we come straight to you! Several venues provide a bridal room that allows you and your party to get ready in private, sharing the special moments of your big day!

Who wants to have their bridal hair and makeup done at a crowded salon where a kid is crying as they get their first haircut and the person next to you is venting to their stylist because they just left their husband? What a bummer!

You can tell by looking at this bride that she has had a truly stress-free wedding day experience. She’s happy, hanging out with her flower girl, and doesn’t look like she’s been running around overwhelmed and panicked all day. Oh, and her makeup looks great…. still (another perk to booking a makeup artist for your wedding day – all day wear!).

We all have those days when our makeup just genuinely looks bad, despite the fact that we did everything the same as the day before when our makeup was flawless. Don’t let this day be your wedding day! You’re budgeting for great pictures, great food, great decor, great flowers, etc. Budget for a great Bridal hair and makeup artist in Dallas too!

Best Hair and Makeup For Magazine Shoot in Dallas, TX By Paige Anderson

One stop destination for hair and makeup for magazine shoot

An editorial or magazine cannot happen without a makeup artist. As for a magazine to be successful should be filled with models with the perfect makeup combination. A makeup artist is one of the key factors in the entire fashion industry and every magazine shoots. Therefore, a makeup artist is needed for hair and makeup for a magazine shoots.

Editorial makeup is not for daily activities. This type of makeup is generally unique and has to provide the unique look to achieve the character the photographer or art director requires. As models have to depict something usual or unusual. Only with the help of a professional and experienced makeup artist that desirable look can be achieved. To get the specific look, the photographer needs to have a detailed discussion about the look and character he wants to bring out of the model, as the makeup artist will provide that specific look with the magic of hairstyle and makeup.

The purpose of an editorial is to tell a story. Makeup as a means to enhance the desired mood to capture the feeling and continue telling the story. The different categories of editorials are:

Beauty editorial

The focus of a beauty editorial is on head and shoulders shots, and it highlights on the face mainly.It should be colorful and highly creative makeup so that when the face is highlighted can be seen as the perfect way. If an editorial is focusing on jewelry or accessories or hair products a typical makeup is needed to draw attention to jewelries.

Celebrity editorial

In celebrity editorials, high-profile celebrities are called upon to endorse a particular brand of clothing, perfume, or any other fashion-related product. Here a celebrity is showcased as the model for the magazine. Once again makeup artist plays a vital role in giving the perfect look for the perfect magazine shoot. Be it a high-profile celebrity or just a common model.

Fashion editorial

The main focus in fashion editorials is fashion, clothes which can be worn by everyone. Fashion editorials showcase the situation and products that can be worn in. Fashion is all about clothing and accessories and even makeup being in style. Makeup style for fashion editorials are usually something bold, dramatic, creative, and edgy. Even though clothing is the main focus in fashion editorial but makeup is the key factor in making the model more gracious and beautiful than ever.

Hair editorial

In hair editorial the shoot focuses on hair and hair is the main story. The hairstyles are given for a photoshoot are something like exaggerated and expanded shapes, exotic and ornamental sculptures, or polished curls. Much like makeup, great hair can really take editorial photos to a different level.

Overall, a makeup artist is one of the main factors in making an editorial magazine successful by applying flawless makeup to models and celebrities. As mentioned above, a professional makeup artist plays the role of the artist in changing the complete look of the particular model and celebrity and making him/her more fashionable, gracious, and beautiful than ever. Paige Anderson is an accomplished Hair and Makeup artist. Over the years, Paige Anderson’s career as a makeup artist has flourished working with top clients, celebrity makeup artists, TV shows, magazines, and many brides. Therefore, you can contact her and make an appointment to get the perfect hair and makeup for a magazine shoot.

Dallas best hair and makeup artist - Dallas best wedding and bridal makeup artist

One Stop Destination to Find Dallas best hair and makeup artist

Are you in search of the most experienced hair and makeup artist? Many times, people intend to look special. It might be your marriage or any other special event in your life when you would delight to improve your look by attaining hair and makeup services. Yes, for availing of this service, you will surely desire to reveal an experienced and renowned hair and makeup artist in Dallas. If you are in such a search, then make no mistake in contacting Paige Anderson, who is a famous hair artist and offers charming bridal contracts as well. It is needless to say that the style of hair makes a great impression in others minds.

Paige Anderson is a reputed hair and makeup artist in Dallas and she has a great passion for art, color, and creativity. Would you like to miss the scope of availing makeup services from her source, which have been praised in different reputed journals and magazines as Anderson’s work? Yes, this is the reason, the number of visitors to Paige Anderson has increased incessantly from the very inception of the source.

Who doesn’t want to look beautiful? To help women look beautiful by offering them quality beauty services, Anderson intends to promote her web destination. Being passionate in this field, Anderson offers the best quality wedding and bridal makeup services, which have been exalted in different ways by different people, agencies, and print media as well. Let you look more beautiful by visiting Anderson at her renowned agency and getting the best opportunity to improve your look in a charming way. With the best makeup, the personality also gets influenced. Therefore, you will feel honored and accepted by many people around you by making a decision towards the above-mentioned direction.

A Personal Wardrobe Stylist Can Bring Out The Best in You

Well, don’t be confused with the word “wardrobe”. Because usually, a wardrobe means a closet, which is made of wood and steel. In the fashion industry, the wardrobe is the collection of clothing or whole costume that include, upper garment, lower garment, undergarment, shoes, jewelry, etc. A wardrobe or fashion stylist is basically an artist who selects the best outfits such as designer clothes based on her client’s taste, appearance or look and along with that the stylist also does the hair and makeup for her client. A wardrobe stylist has the potential to bring out the best in you ( I meant fashionably).

A fashion or wardrobe stylist is considered one of the popular professionals in the fashion industry. He or she is often part of a larger creative team assembled by the client, and other members of the crew that he or she is working with to give a unique appearance with the perfect outfit and perfect hairstyle and makeup at the same time. Usually, celebrities, famous models, and high-profile personalities have personal wardrobe stylists.

A wardrobe or fashion stylist works in the following fields:


It involves styling for actors or models for commercials, live broadcasts, news channels, sitcoms, soap operas, dramas, reality shows, etc.


It involves selecting the perfect outfit and providing hairstyle and makeup for models or actors for photo shoots for the pages in fashion magazines and other media publications.

Fashion and runway shows

It involves styling for models for fashion shows and other events. Here models get to ramp walk in front of thousand of audiences by wearing newly launched designed clothes, and accessories.

Live performance

This involves styling for musicians, dancers, and other performers for concerts, award shows, or a world tour.

Celebrity styling

Yes, celebrities do have personal wardrobe stylists. It involves styling for them for attending award shows, promotion of new movies, and other special events, and also for in-house magazine publications and more.


It involves styling people for big corporate events such as seminars, annual functions, etc.

Being a stylist can be very tough sometimes, because you may get the chance of working for famous people, and sometimes they may not like your outfit combination and then you have alter the dresses as per their demand. Nevertheless, it can be fun at the same time, because you get to meet many people, and these include celebrities sometimes ( who does not want to style for a famous celebrity). However, with a little bit of hard work you need patients at the same time to be a well-known figure in the fashion industry. Additionally, you will have to be highly professional, creative, and dedicated to what you do.

Good luck if you want to be a Wardrobe Stylist.

Hiring Best Movie Makeup Artist

Consider hiring Paige Anderson based on her prior experience as a movie makeup artist.

Why Makeup Artists are considered As an Important Part of the Entertainment Industry?

It’s no secret that a makeup artist is a crucial member of an art project. As a matter of fact, makeup artists play a vital role in helping production companies to sell a story.

A movie makeup artist does everything from making an actress jaw-dropping flawless to turning an actor into a totally different person. Makeup artists can make an actor look young and old at the same time by accentuating the features with the magic of makeup and their talent of course.

Makeup artists in the entertainment industry

The entertainment industry is incomplete without the crew of makeup artists as makeup is an essential part of any project. Makeup application for a movie is not an easy job. It takes years to master the skills and successfully enter the entertainment industry to work as a makeup artist. The primary roles and responsibilities of makeup artists are to put makeup on actors and actresses. The makeup has to be appropriate for the characters they are supposed to be playing on-screen. The primary goal is to give life to the character by turning the actor into the desired character with the power of makeup.

Movie Makeup Artist
Movie Makeup Artist

Primary job titles of makeup artists in a movie set

A makeup artist does not work alone. He or she has a group of people who are assigned different responsibilities. The different job titles are-

Hiring a renowned makeup artist

An important project like a movie or a music video shoot requires highly experienced and skilled makeup artists to work on it. If you have a special project coming up, you could consider hiring Paige Anderson- a renowned movie makeup artist in Dallas. She is one of the most experienced makeup artists in the industry who was a part of many projects of top clients. She is not only an extremely brilliant artist, but she also has a pleasing personality. Anderson is the right artist for your project!

Paige Anderson: MUA

Pretty is as pretty does - this saying rings true when it comes to experienced and creative MUA Paige Anderson, who combines her unique talent with her friendly approach to create an all encompassing makeup artistry service.

With Dallas MUAs particularly in demand, Paige Anderson is top of our list. This is because of her ability to be completely flexible. As a go-to for industry professionals and your everyday folk, Anderson is able to tailor her service to create editorial and catwalk worthy looks, as well as helping people pull off real beauty transformations.

Knowledgeable, experienced and creative, Anderson knows that ‘camera-ready’ means one thing when a photographer is shooting a high-end editorial piece, and something else when she’s helping a client create her dream bridal look - she has a talent to perfectly translate a brief, hitting the nail on the head every single time.

Offering a full service when it comes to both beauty and styling, she has a striking ability to meet each and every clients’ unique needs, providing the ultimate transformation time and time again. With a portfolio to prove it, Anderson is a professional, organized and talented artist with a reputation to excel in her industry. You will feel confident you are in safe hands with this MUA, and be thrilled with your decision to choose Paige when you witness the stunning results that she is able to achieve.

Top Hair and Makeup Trends for Prom in 2022

Planning your hair and makeup for prom can be really exciting, but sometimes it can be tricky to know what’s on-trend for the year, and which of those trends will suit your own unique style. When you start to look back over trends for prom, it’s surprising to see just how dramatically our approach to this lovely occasion has changed.

This year you won’t see any 80s inspired perms or black khol from the ‘90s, but there are some truly striking hair and makeup trends for prom in 2019…

Metallic Eyes

Metallics are big in prom fashion for this year, so it’s only natural that metallics have crept into the prom makeup trends too. Adding that extra luxury feel without becoming over the top, metallic colors on the eyes provide the perfect way to upgrade your makeup for this special occasion.

Think warm tones of copper and gold over silvers, with the all-over color building to become stronger and richer towards the outer corners of the eyes and the crease. Finish off with lashings of mascara, and a touch of white shimmer to the inner corners.

Dewy Skin

A light and natural contour are perfect for prom, with lots of highlighters to create a healthy glow. Prep is key here, ensuring the skin is well moisturized and primed to create the perfect base. Keep concealer and foundation to a minimum to achieve a natural look, creating depth using a dark and light contour.

To finish the look, lots of highlighters should be added and blended along with the cheekbones, brow bone, and down the center of the nose. Lips should be kept natural with a touch of balm, which can also be patted lightly on the eyelids to enhance the look further.

Braided Updo

Bohemian style is huge this year, which is also reflected in this year's must-have hairstyle for prom. This look can be interpreted in a number of ways, from half up half down braided styles, to a single French braid with a few strands teased out, and large braids twisted into a loose bun with a few strands left out to frame the face.

Low ‘Undone’ Chignon

Prom hair is all about laidback and pretty styles this season, making the low ‘undone’ chignon the perfect style. Perfectly complimenting free-flowing maxi dresses and pretty midi dresses, this style involves sweeping the hair back and securing it at the nape of the neck, twisting it into a stylish and sophisticated chignon. The ‘undone’ look is created by leaving a few stands free from the chignon and teasing a few stands out around the face.

Creating your own prom hair and makeup can be tricky, which is why I’m always here to help. From creating a look that’s perfect for your own unique style while suiting current trends, to provide hints and tips to help you maintain your look for the duration of the night, as an MUA that’s experienced in creating prom looks, I can help you look and feel a million dollars.